What's The Drop On This?

  1. Oh it's not like a Carly or Ergo........like how the ladies carry their speedy's, on their arm. 7.5" strap length is pretty short for a shoulder bag.

    I like that one from the signature stripe collection.

    ETA: Auction says this "20 inch Mahogany leather straps with 7 1/2 inch drop"
  2. Yeah...but I've learned to not trust 'drop' measurements....ie: the small ergo says it has a 9-3/4" drop and it is too uncomfortable for me to wear :crybaby:..yet my favorite bags ever...the small zip Bleecker hobo...says it has an 8-1/2" drop and I love how it wears. :heart:

  3. I don't have this bag but I am pretty sure it is meant to be a satchel. I can't imagine it could be worn very comfortably if at all on the shoulder. :nogood:
  4. ^^^Thanks! =)
  5. Oh I see.
  6. Your instincts are right, Voodoo. I tried that one on in the store and it is definitely not a shoulder bag!!! I am only 5'0" and 125 and I could hardly get it on my shoulder - very uncomfortable! Cute for a satchel, though!
  7. Thanks everyone :flowers:

    I love the bag but can't do non-shoulder bags ....I'm just strange that way.
  8. I hear ya'... I love the look of satchels but shoulder bags just work better for my lifestyle. :yes:
  9. ITA!! If a bag can't be worn comfortably on my shoulder, it's a total deal breaker and I refuse to buy it b/c I know I won't use it. See, I do have some sort of buying limitations! :p