What's the draw for you to Coach?

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  1. Just wondering.........
    Has anyone seen the new D&B catalogs? I just got them in the mail today and I cannot believe the details. They show all the colors, styles, dimensions, etc. And the prices aren't that bad.
    Do you consider D&B to be low end handbags? I mean $300 is still $300, right?
    I love their new small Chiara bag in patent and am just thinking about what draws us to Coach?
    Or maybe you all also purchase other brands? I have two Brahmin bags and two D&B (2 years old). Oh, and a Beijo patent pink backpack.

    I welcome your comments/opinions.
  2. Hmm, that's a good question! I'm not particularly loyal to Coach but I think it really satisfies the girly/preppy side of my personality. I like how classic the styles are and it's the one brand where I've been consistently drawn to something in the line every season (even if it's just one bag and a charm). Don't care for the signature (for me) but I still really like the shapes of the bags and the choice of hardware. I also like that Coach does little details very well for the price point, beautiful linings, thoughtful hardware placement, etc.

    Then there's side with the big tattoos prefers things a bit edgier and less girly. She's got a Tano on pre-order and is trying to talk to girly side into a new messenger bag because their Kenneth Cole is falling apart (after 4 years of getting beaten up almost daily... very impressive performance for a $100 bag). Hehe, a girl needs to have options!
  3. I love the classic styles that never seem to go out of style. I am much more into the leather bags, but love that they offer different materials and colors for all seasons and occasions. They also have so many accessories, and a wide range of price points.

    I only have 2 other "designer" bags, which are a LV and Prada. Then there are all the other cheaper ones.
  4. There are some D&B bags that I've liked. I've also liked some Lucky brand bags and Isabella R. But I only have so much cash for bags and so far Coach is always the brand that wins me over. I'm sure I'll branch out more someday but so far I haven't.
  5. I like the quality. I am not closed to other bags though. I don't own any D&B. I do want a Miu Miu harelquin bag :drool:
  6. I own a small D&B handbag and a wristlet (both gifts) but I return to coach because it satisfies. I feel that the D&B items I am attracted to are VERY trendy (the giraffe for instance) and not necessarily timeless. I do own trendy Coach pieces too but only when they are REALLY fitting with my tastes. I feel a lot of the 'timeless' looking D&B pieces are more of an older look than what I am looking for. Coach is well made and has such variety from the sig pieces to the leather to trendy things. I just can't get enough! :love:
  7. The cuts
    The style
    The feel
    The smell (leather)
    Classy (most).
  8. I started out many years ago with Coach, then drifted away. I started buying Dooney when they only offered the all weather leather and those bags have held up unbelievably. They still look like new. In recent years, I bought a lot of Dooney, I literally collected them. I must have had 25 or so and I think I kept buying them because I could never really find one that I was completely satisfied with. For one thing, I think a lot of them are very stiff ( the fabric ones) and I think they have a cheesy lining compared to Coach. I did buy some of the leather ones over the years, and they were nice. I have given all but a few away to my daughters, and have now come back to Coach. Something about Coach just brings you back no matter where you roam. I have LV, and Chloe and still prefer my Coach bags.
  9. Durability and great quality!
    Fun but not OTT...I use other bags when I want to be OTT, LOL.
    Great price point!
    Fabulous SAs!!
  10. I started with Dooney & Bourke like 13 years ago and loved them for a long time.. the leather was amazing and truly all weather. I did not have a collection, but I really liked their products. Then they moved away from the all weather leather and more to the trendy coated ones they have now (it, lasso, popsicles, etc) I did like the IT bags in the very beginning but now I think I am probably too old for them (31) and they have been around for a long time now. I bought a Coach duffle and the rest, as they say, is history.. I swear Coach has crack on their bags... they are SO addicting!!! I just can't stay away and they are always coming out with new things and great deals and the outlets.. LV and those don't even tempt me. Coach has my heart.. I would buy a D&B again, if they started making styles I liked again though! (I really like the patent bag they have out now!)
  11. Coach appeals to me because I feel they are the right amount of trendy and classy/timeless. Some bags are more trendy than others though.. and that's OK. I LOVE the leather from Coach more than any other brand I have come across. There are always fabulous colors too. I love color.

    I keep buying Coach because they don't bore me. They are always coming out with something new I love. The price point is right for me too. I love the Outlet shopping. I buy a lot on Ebay too... and I am comfortable with that. I also carry LV (not comfortable buying on ebay) ... The price point is not so good for my wallet... haha!
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. I use to love DB but never bought one because I always found there bags hard to get in and out of and it seemed like they were trendy and would be dated easily (especially once like the IT bags and things like that came out). I have always loved Coach but really got into it this past year and bought my first bag, now I keep finding more and more bags I want but I have no doubt that if I still use them in 3 yrs they'll still be "in" and not dated. Classic pieces.

    I'm seriously obsessed but not to the point that I'm buying everything I see. I just have a very extensive wishlist hehe.
  14. LOL Fields! Coach does have Crack on their bags!!!! I swear!!!!

    I am drawn to Coach because of the quality, price point, and designs that keep me interested ALL of the time. I have looked at Prada, LV, etc., and none of them really give me that "feeling" that Coach does. There is a Stuart Weitzman Red Degrade Patent HeyDoc that I pull out on special occasions and a Kate Spade Pop Clinton Stevie in green that hang out in my closet for the most part-but I find that carrying Coach makes me feel good without the 'snob' factor, if that makes sense? :shrugs:
  15. That's interesting, NorthStar. I love my Coach and feel so good when I am carrying one (got 10 now). I guess because none of my friends are into them and I haven't even seen anyone at work carrying one, I do feel a bit of the "snob factor". Must be the area I live in or just 'my world'? Doesn't keep me from my Coach, tho! :wlae: