whats the different???

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  1. friends, i wanna buy miu miu matelase, but im a bit confused whats the different matelase lux and matelase shiny?
  2. hi finnz,
    think lux = shiny
    tts wat was told to me.
  3. #3 Jul 10, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2009
    matelasse = lamb skin
    matelasse lux = glazed calf skin

    depending on the colour of the bag, a same style bag might be matelasse or matelasse lux.

  4. thank u. i wanna buy black colour. and then i saw got 2 kind of leather.
  5. here i got 2 bag. so the leather same or not?? thank u friends

    irene's  bag.jpg

    miu2 coffer.jpg
  6. I think both bags are made of patent leather but in different colour.
  7. as per my SA the "Shiny" is a plastic coated fabric - not leather.
  8. The top one looks like the matelasse lux and the bottom one looks like the patent material (which is not actually leather, but a synthetic man-made material). Make sure you authenticate them before buying either.........;)

  9. i put all the pictures in authentic tread. so can u help me is it authentic or fake? thank u very much :biggrin:
  10. Thanks for correcting me and all the infor. I wouldn't pay as much money for a non-leather handbag.
  11. Hope you get one of these gorgeous bags!
  12. OMG- you're kidding- MM use synthetic leather??! Is it bad that I'm a little disapointed in them--!?
  13. no it's not bad....... that's why I never buy those non-leather MM's or any other purses... unless they arel ike $30 u know.
    all brand uses "non leather" on some of their collections...
    just be educated before you make the purchase :smile:
  14. Absolutely...! and you are SO right about every brand doing it at some point! In fact, I very nearly bought this:
    ...before discovering it was just vinyl. Gabrielle would be turning in her grave lol. Even though it was only around £300, I passed. I'd rather have a smooshy leather MM, thank you very much!
  15. I hear ya...
    I saw these new fall09 Chanel... same shape as the 2.55 but different quliting... it was plasticized fabric... still $15xx price tag.. just crazy... The texture of these Chanels feel like plastic and make that "sticky" sound when u touch it... yikes... that just ruins it for me u know

    and MM has few "eco leahter" or plasticized fabric for fall 2009.... I guess everyone is trying to lower their prices for the economy, but it just ruins all the "romance" of designer bags.... moreover I would never fish out so much $ for a non-leather bag....

    I still laugh at the term "eco leather" :roflmfao: