What's the different berween Missoni Sciarpe and Missoni Foulard in their scarves?

  1. I notice Missoni scarves have 2 different tag (the orange tag). Sciarpe and Foulard. What's the different? Thanks!!
  2. sciarpa is italian and foulard is french? that's my guess.
  3. So missoni sciarpe made in italy and missoni foulard made in france?
  4. Bump.

    I found a Missoni foulard scarf in my closet that I forgot I had and I was wondering the same thing? When I googled "foulard" it says it refers to a lightweight fabric (mine is silk). I also remember I bought it at NM Last Call years ago. The other Missoni scarf I have is from Gilt and that is an acrylic blend and doesn't have any wording under on the orange tag under the word "Missoni."