What's the difference

  1. between palladium and ruthenium (spelling?) hardware?

    Ditto box and vache liagee? I understand vl is more expensive than box, why is this? Is vl regularly available at fbg 24?
  2. Hey!! I have to run out to eat but I have a few seconds to answer your first question.
    Palladium - shiny silver HW
    Ruthenium - Gunmetal Gray HW
  3. Thanks Greentea!

  4. Is there anybody with a pic of Ruthenium???
  5. Here ya go......

    Ruthenium on the left, Palladium Heart Cadena.
  6. Vache Liegee is one of the new premium leathers from H. It warrants the higher pricetag because of the more complicated almost two-tone dyeing process and it's supposed to be a long-lasting, durable leather like box calf.
  7. Excuse my spelling but is anyone familiar with boar edge cowhide or something in the nature, I am paying $8200 for a 35cm with palladuim? I was so excited to get it, I didn't really ask questions.
  8. ^ whoa! Never heard of that! What color is it?
  9. It's black. She says its not like Togo/Clemence but it has a little texture
  10. Welcome djsmom...we sure would love to hear a bit more about what you might be purchasing. Any additional info?
  11. I'm nervous because $8200 is a lot compared to the other leathers, especially when I don't know what I am getting. I am going to call a H store that is open today. I will post in a few minutes.
  12. I think they are all closed on Sundays. I hope she didn't complete the transaction because I have to find out more about this leather. I will call first thing in the morning, if she hasn't shipped she should be able to cancel if I change my mind. I just don't want to get it and be stuck with it since they don't give refunds. I was in the Tysons store yesterday, they don't accept cash for sale items, why is that?
  13. I'm interested. Your sure it's not Vache Natural?
  14. I'm thinking, and hoping the name she gave me may be a glorified name for the other names, like Swift, Chevre, etc. The store is 3 weeks new so maybe they are not familiar with all the leathers yet. I will call her first thing in the morning because they also have a black with gold hardware if anyone of you are interested.
  15. could the leather name be Fjord maybe? it is a little heavier than togo and clemence, it is a great durable leather, most weather resistant according to my SA.