whats the difference...

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  1. between the mandy & the legacy shoulder bag?? or are they the same thing?

    the only physical difference i saw was the mandy has a strap down the middle of the front pockets....

    after seeing all the photos of these i MUST HAVE ONE ASAP!!!! :nuts:

    thanks!! and happy holidays.
  2. The mandy is much larger
  3. but smaller than the Ali right??
  4. No. The Mandy is the Largest in the Legacy Line. The Satchel is the 2nd Largest (that is the one I purchased) and it is quite large, but the Mandy is even larger! the Ali is large but nothing like the Mandy!
  5. The Mandy is a shoulder bag.
  6. Actually the Mandy is more of a full size Bag and the Legacy Shoulder bag is well a shoulder bag much smaller and more of a handbag.
  7. besides being smaller, the shoulder bag also has a zipper on the back instead of just a pocket like the mandy

    the shoulder bag also has turn locks for front pockets whereas the mandy has a buckle like hardware but it's actually a magentic closure

    inside it's the same, mandy might have slightly larger pocket holder inside since it's bigger (this i'm not 100% sure)

    and the dogleash closure in front which you already noticed/

    hope that helps!
  8. My Mandy has turnlocks on the front ;)
  9. opps that was the satchel then


    i tell you, you sell enough of them it starts to get fuzzy

    thanks for pointing that out!