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  1. ok, i wasnt sure whether to post this here or in the eBay forum..but i decided to post it here since it's more related to coach then eBay...
    i'm looking to buy a coach bag on eBay and i have a style in mind..but i've figured out recently that theirs to different, yet similar styles..
    there's the 6351 like this: eBay: NWT COACH black and white signature hobo purse bag 6351 (item 140053099310 end time Nov-21-06 08:07:33 PST)
    that has a litle extra thing on the strap where it rests on your shoulders.. then there's the 2154 that looks like this:
    eBay: COACH Mini Signature Soho Small Hobo 2154 RED NWT (item 200049482724 end time Nov-26-06 12:53:53 PST)
    which looks almost exactly the same but doesnt have that extra padding on the strap..
    i've looked and compared and the only thing that i can think of is that maybe the 2154 is a style made specifically for the coach factory outlets?
    i just want to make sure that one style isnt fake or something.
    my guess is that most of you guys know more than i do. any feedback is helpful! thank you!
  2. they both look good.
    that red one did come from an outlet.
    but i would personally go for the black/white one. :smile:
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