Whats the difference?

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  1. Welcome to the forum!

    Charm prices on ebay are all over the place. Also there's a lot of fakes so a sellers reputation counts for quite a bit. IOW, sellers with lots of good feedback can get more for their things than new sellers.

    There's a reference thread at the top of the Juicy forum with photos of most of the charms, so one can compare charms to check for authenticity, etc. Use the search function.


    Personally I never buy from overseas sellers (don't know where you are located) because returning/shipping with proof of return can be problematic and expensive.
    Also most of the fakes seem to come from Hong Kong & now Canada.
  2. Just to add to Katie's excellent advice...
    If you'll also notice the first seller says item location is Hong Kong but location of seller is Canada. Also the item description feedback rating is so low it's gone? I was told by this seller that the pictures on a different charm were "stocking" pictures. (At least they're honest?)
  3. Oh thanks a lot! :smile: I was wondering if that charm is supposed to come in a blue box or a pink one?
  4. I have both of these. The blue box strawberry is an older charm and the pink boxed one was released later.

    In terms of the charms themselves, there is a very slight difference. The shape of the strawberry is slightly more tapered on the older one, while the newer one is a more even round shape. The older one is a deeper, richer red, while the newer one is a little paler. The older clasp is smaller, and the newer one has the normal clasp we see today.

    If you imagine the cross-section of the strawberry, the newer one is slightly flatter than the old one.

    Hope that wasn't too confusing. But in short, yes, there were two versions.