What's the difference...

Jun 18, 2008
What's the difference between the Burberry Outlet and the Burberry Clearance Outlet? I have a Burberry Outlet near where I live and their stuff is still pretty pricey. Is the Burberry Clearance Outlet better value than the regular outlet?


newb. :)
Jun 11, 2008
sin city.
from what i understand, the clearance outlet is only open for a limited time, carrying sample pieces of product (hence the ridiculously low price points) and older items. the regular outlets carry typically 2-3 seasons old product and a few items dedicated to them, e.g. polos, wool/cashmere scarves (at the regular priced stores, they only carry 100% cashmere scarves), etc. there are some really good deals at the regular outlets, too, so it's worth checking out from time to time.

hope that helps!~