What's the difference?

  1. What's the difference between an LV that as Made in the Usa and the one's that are made in France? Mine says Made in the Usa. Should I be returning it?
  2. There is NO defference.
  3. Not a darn thing, use the bag and enjoy it :smile:
  4. My husband bought me my first bag and it was made in usa. I have to say I was a little disappointed at first because I thought the made in france bags would be better. Now I have 2 more bags that are made in france and there really is no difference whatsoever in quality. Have a good time using your new bag!
  5. No difference whatsoever.
  6. No difference. Some people just like to see France written on their bag. Personally I don't care where the bag is from as long as I have the bag.
  7. yep, no difference, really doesn't matter to me....I only ever noticed this like 6 years ago, and I've been collecting them for 11....I always buy @ boutiques so never questioned authenticity so just didn't pay attention to what my bag actually said....
  8. NO difference whatsoever just where it's made.
  9. Most of my bags made in USA and some France..No difference at all...
  10. Thanks for the info.
  11. Just enjoy your bag!
  12. I honestly don't think that there is any difference. I've have one USA bag that I was a tad bit disappointed with b/c there was a spot on the leather that looked imperfect, but other USA bags I've had in the past were perfect looking. I also currently have a bedford made in France with one loose threading (it forms a loop that sticks out a bit) at the seam of the inside, but is only seen when i pull the seam apart. I don't think anyone else would notice, I'm just extra anal about examining every single area of the bag. I think it's just random luck regardless of where it's made.
  13. I have pieces from all 3 locations and have never noticed a difference.
    LV has factories in Spain, France and the U.S. so it's not a big deal where it comes from.
    I WOULD however, be concerned if it said "made in the USA" in one area and "made in France" in another lol.