What's the difference?

  1. Hi ladies. I have a dumb question.

    I've been eyeing this tote for some time now. I checked Nordies today and they got this tote..


    I was wondering if that was the old one, since Im pretty sure this is the new one..

  2. That is the newer one that came out this spring
  3. The only thing that looks to be different is the two added pockets on the sides that's all I can see.
  4. yeah i noticed that too, so i guess its a different version then.
  5. I have all my left over cataloges at home if you want me to look it up tonight. But all i can tell is the side pockets. Where is the first pic from?
  6. ^ both pics are from ebay.
  7. Do they give serial numbers?
  8. The one without the pockets is the small version and the other one is the large. And it is quite a bit larger than the small one... I have both.
  9. oh so they're both 'new'. that's great. thanks Kiari!

    errr.. i haven't tried/bought any from ebay. im a virgin in all these kind of things. :Push: :lol:
  10. Both are cute totes. Let us know which you get.
  11. i like the one with side pockets.. i might buy it this friday.. *crossed fingers*
  12. Keep us posted, and if you get something from another seller on ebay post first.....Im sure their are fakes out there.
  13. i would most likely get it at Nordies/macys just to be safe.
  14. I have the smaller one (side zippers no pockets) with the black trim. I love it! it is on sale for 25% off at Macys this week. One thing I notice at the smaller Macy's is that they don't always have everything out. Quite often I ask and they "go upstairs" and find what I am looking for even if they don't have one out on the floor.