What's the difference?

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  1. I believe they are the very same shoe.
  2. Mia is suede, Simple is leather??
  3. I believe they are the same shoe. I have a pair of Mia's from Barneys in regular black kid leather and they have "Mia" on the box, but they look pretty similar to my Simples except for the insole.

    Mia definitely comes in normal leather since mine are and they have them in both on the Barney's site.
  4. ShoeDarling, I'm so glad you asked this! I was on the Barneys and Saks websites today wondering the same thing. Glad to know they're the same shoe- I was beginning to think I was going crazy haha!
  5. apart from the heel height difference I think the simple pump has a little more toe cleavage ..
  6. I asked this to a Barneys SA and the CL boutique and can't seem to get a straight answer. I ordered the Mia Pump so I'm hoping the fit they same as the Simples!
  7. According to the SA at Barneys, the Mia has less toe cleavage - and the Simple is lower cut.
    I felt that they fit about the same (within 1 hour had both on my feet at two different stores...)

    The Simple may have felt a bit more snug - but not by too much...
  8. I ended up canceling the Mia pump order and getting the Simples, since I already have Simples so I know exactly how'll they fit, KWIM.