What's the difference?

  1. Between a handbag and a purse?
  2. sweetpea, I'm in the deplorable habit of using the term 'purse' myself, but I'm trying to break myself of it - basically, in the United States, 'purse' and 'handbag' are the same thing, BUT - if I remember that I 'purse' my lips, not my handbag, I'm able to correct myself before I speak.

    You can Google the difference too - and I KNOW many people will stop by here and answer your question.
  3. well i think purse is really a wallet and handbag goes in ur hand and shoulder bag on ur shoulder. i jsut say bag or purse or sacroche though.
  4. in my world, none whatsoever. I think in different regions of the US or different English-speaking countries there may be a difference, but in the northeast, they're the same.
  5. I agree that in the US it is regional. Where I come from, there is no difference, although I tend to peceive "pocketbook" as a wallet. I believe that many Europeans see a purse as a wallet, but in the midwest of the US, purse and handbag are interchangable. I prefer handbag, though.
  6. I agree. Many Europeans call a wallet a purse. I have an LV wallet which is named French Purse.

    I use both terms to refer to the same thing - handbag. I still call my wallet a wallet not a purse even though it's an LV French Purse.
  7. I think they're the same thing. I always use the word handbag for no particular reason except habit. But to me it's the same as a handbag or a pocketbook.
  8. Haha when i was in design school there was actually a class that went over this. They told us that a purse, a pocketbook, and a handbag are all different.

    Handbag: those things we obsess about right here
    Purse: usually was small and held change
    Pocketbook: was actually a small book kept in your pocket, didn't hold anything.

    Purse and pocketbook are really old terms in comparison to handbag.
  9. I generally call them handbags or usually just bags. But sometimes I call them purses, lol. I agree that in the Northeast (NJ), they are interchangeable. But pocketbook is what grannies call them!
  10. was just talking to my mother about this.

    I laughed because she was telling me about her new purse, and I told her for what she paid for that purse, she should consider it a handbag.

    I think of a purse as being that little draw-string thing of the past.
  11. I think it's purely semantics. I know I can't stand the word "pocketbook" which is supposed to mean bag/purse as well.

    I guess it's just what you're comfortable with. I'd say "let me grab my bag" vs. "let me grab my purse."
  12. Well, maybe tPF should then be called The Handbag Forum!:p
  13. we go to the US a lot. when i was like 14 some girl said to me "cute pocketbook" i just said thanks then asked my mom why she wouldve thought the boko i was carrying was cute. lol. funny most american lingo travels north of the border but this one never caugh on.
  14. Oddly enough, I can't stand "pocketbook" either. Just sounds ancient to me :push:

    I say bag but I've found that if I'm around people who aren't "into" bags, they look at me funny and say "You mean your purse?" Whateva :rolleyes: :upsidedown:
  15. pocketbook is used a lot by people who are older in the Boston area. sounds bizarre to me too!