What's the difference?

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  1. I'm confused, too. They are different photos, but it appears to be the same bag, the large Veneta.
  2. I think one's an older bag and one's newer. The item codes relate to when NM first received it from the vendor and they are always sold under that code and photo, so someone returned an older bag. I've seen the same thing with Chloe Ediths.
  3. I swear I saw that too!

  4. Ohhhhhh......:push:

  5. So...which is the newer code? Do you think if the newer code is ordered, the newer bag would be shipped? :confused1:

    Me no likey returned bags....:push:
  6. I think the difference is that one Veneta has a woven trim around the edges, and one is plain, with no trim. Both are sprinf '07 bags:yes:
  7. ^^^That would be "spring" not "sprinf":push:
  8. That's what I thought too...but when I asked about it at the BV boutique, they said there was no such thing as a Veneta with no trim. :confused1:
  9. glad you asked this... i had the same question! so... what's the answer? is one trimmed on the side..?