whats the difference in online stores?

  1. hi all, first of all, i must admit I HATE HATE selling on eBay and also stopped buying quite awhile ago, its just not worth the aggro.

    having said that, what are my other options if I wanted to sell a bag. I know there are some online stores (realdeal, ..?) but whats the difference between selling my bag through them vs selling it myself?

    have any of you sold a bag through these stores? whats was your experience ? could you be kind enough to just describe a little?:smile:

    btw, i'm based in Asia if that makes any difference
  2. Have you tried selling your bags to milan or paris station?
  3. hi thanks for replying, i just moved to hk so am not too sure how good they are. I walked into 1 and they only offered me 60% of the value!!! which to me is just ridiculous - they said Bbags are not popular in hk anymore:cursing: which i dont buy.

    i still see them selling the bags at almost full price. i dont quite get the milan station concept - besides ltd edition stuff - why would i buy from them if i can get the same items at retail from the stores -they are not any cheaper.

    sorry i sound dense but I really dont understand milan station- its not a consignment shop but as a 2nd hand shop their prices are no different from retail- am i missing something?