What's the difference btw nappa and leather?

  1. suddenly i fell in love with the coffer bag, but i'm not sure what is the difference between nappa and the normal leather?

    can someone let me know?

    also can the bag stands up by itself?

    also is it prone to scratches and water stain?

  2. hi!! basically nappa is untreated leather..so it's really soft and smooshy to touch..however it's not very smooth like normal treated leather..

    nappa leather is prone to water stains and scratches but it gives a vintage feel to the bag once it's beaten up..i don't own a coffer but i own a miu miu nappa spring in camello, my bag has got quite a few stains as i'm not very careful with my bags..if you want to get a nappa leather bag, my suggestion is go for a dark one, the stains won't be very obvious.

    and the coffer doesn't really stand on its own as the nappa leather is really soft, unless it's fully stuffed. hope that helps. (: