Whats the difference between Togo,Clemence and Fjord ?


Mar 23, 2009
Is it only the design of the embossment, or also the kind of leather ?

Togo = calf
Clemence = young steer
Fjord = older steer


Jan 17, 2009
other than epsom i think , hermes leathers are not embosed ! and the beauty of the grain is given by nature that is why they have veins and a show change during time as it is a living material it changes it is given its color by natural tanning and dyes made of natural extarcts that is to say no synthetics. the differance essentially is the look

togo is a bit more rigid but with time can become loose it is a small grain and may show veins it is very chic and never extremly thik though this may vary

clemence is a bigger grain soft a bit more shineer and definatly thiker often looks like a softer more plush leather shows less veins

fjord is a bigger grain with more of a matt look , divine on 40cm or bigger bags well on any bag it also shows veins

they all age in different ways but are all beautifull and even though the share a common look as in grainy leather, they are all very very diferent and beautifull in their own ways


May 4, 2008
I would say that there's a big difference between them and what you opt for should be your personal preference. The grains are different, the feel & look, the smell but also how they absorb color. Clemence for instance absorbs color better than togo and personally I would choose togo for etoupe which looks really good in togo but almost all other colors I would prefer in clemence. Then you have all other factors... really you have to just go and look and feel!