What's the difference between these two bags?

  1. I'm currently researching buying an ergo hobo on eBay...I tried one on in an outlet on saturday, adn it had a perfect "drop" on the strap...but I can't remember the serial number. I'm pretty sure it was a large ergo hobo.

    however when looking at eBay, I see 2 different style numbers listed for "large ergo hobos"



    here's an example of the two different bags I'm seeing:

    are they the same bag?
    I just want to be sure I'm looking for the right one...any help would be most appreciated!

    here's an example of the two different bags I'm seeing, and can't tell the difference (save for interior lining colors)


  2. is the top one a "vintage leather ergo hobo" by chance? i know that the ergo
    totes have different numbers for the different leathers.

    yes, that is the difference, the vintage leather vs. the camel leather
  3. I agree... the first one is Vintage leather.

  4. ahhh...gotcha...

    hence the reason it's so pricey?


    thanks so much for clarifying!
  5. I have the large vintage leather and it's become one of my favorites. Using it this week in fact (with the sun and smiley face charms :smile:) I LOVE this bag. The size is a bit daunting at first glance but it's all smooshy and slouchy when carried.
  6. I have the Tote in the Vintage. IMO is so worth the extra $$. It's really a great bag & the leather is TDF. It's developing a lovely patina & so far has been very durable. I've gotten caught in the rain a few times & has dryed without spotting (YMMV)!

    The had the Hobo's at the outlets. If I recall they were about $380 with 20% off... maybe a bit less.