What's the difference between the Mia and the Simple pump?

  1. i tried them both on at two different stores, and now i can't remember which is which...

    does the simple have more of a harder rounded toe?
  2. Was the Mia in suede? I thought that was the difference.:shrugs:
  3. The Mia is in suede, you are right cjy. I think the Mia has a rounder toe than the simple.
  4. ah yes, the mia was in black suede at Barneys...
    the simple was leather...
    thanks so much!
  5. No problem :yes: I love the Mia..the suede looks so gorgeous.
  6. Priin, do you own the Mia? If so, how do you care for the suede? Thanks!
  7. I do not own it actually, but my mom does. I like the suede look. I have tried them on and they are quite comfortable, although they feel a little more stiff than leather simples.
  8. I don't own the Mia but I tried them on and they are gorgeous! So luxurious looking..
  9. I thought CL stopped making the Mia... am I wrong?
  10. it looks different from the simple