what's the difference between the ivory and the putty?

  1. i have tried looking through the threads discussing various cream/ivory, chalk, putty, blush, white chiffon, etc. i can't seem to find one which compare putty and ivory.

    if ivory is warmer than chalk. blush is pinkish. white chiffon is .... yadda yadda.... (not looking at white chiffon so not to curious about this at the moment), how is putty?

    (maybe we can even compare all the above colours and put this in the ref section? did i miss any of the colours from this spectrum?)

    can someone help? baglover perhaps? (surprise surprise ;) )
  2. ^ Putty (Spring 06) - beige-ish grey
    Ivory (fall 05, spring 06, fall 06) - cream
    White Chiffon (Resort 06) - off-white with light tan stitching
    Chalk (spring 06; patent leather line Ursula) - off white
    Blush - (Spring 06; patent leather line Ursula) - neutral pink

    Some of the colors might look similar because there's usually a color from white-family every season. When you see them side by side in real life, you can tell that they aren't exactly the same.

    Let me look for some pictures.
  3. Spring 06's Chalk Stam (patent leather)
  4. aahhh... i like the putty... thanks baglover! as you know, i am waiting for my order of the 05 ivory from be-luxe. started looking for cream and petrol in august-sept 06, this was before i know anything about MJ or stam (now i am not even going to bother with the petrol). little did i know that i was a bit late, to say the least. so i am glad to finally found one. but by now, i am aware of icy leather and various other colours. my greedy eyes want to see all options and see if i should hunt for more past season stams (resort 05 to s/s 06).
  5. bagpunk,

    first of all, hello cos I am from Singapore as well. I have a putty stam and my girlfriend has a ivory stam. Will try to take pictures of both of them side by side for comparison for you but will only be able to do so when I see her later this week.
  6. My putty is like a concrete color. Brown, yet grey, yet light. It's one of those really workable colors. I find myself being able to match it with so much. Ivory is a great color too, but when I was making my decision I couldn't see myself with the Ivory being a universal color to go with.
  7. kimmi, were you the one bidding on/bought an icy leather taupe stam on ebay recently? if that was indeed you, you beat me to it! :smile:

    elongreach, how do you mean with "i couldn't see myself with the ivory being a universal color to go with"? do you mean ivory did not work for you or that it is not really a universal colour as far as bags are concerned? this ivory 05 stam i just obtained is going to be the first white-family coloured bag i own (also, first MJ, normally do not like MJ) and was hoping to be able to wear this with everything. i wonder what your "colour" is, you know, i think mine is "warm autum" or "cold summer" or something like that. all i know is that i "glow" with turquoise and fuschia, and purple/blue based lipsticks made my face looked bruised!
  8. ^ Style/color really depend on each individual's preference. I personally love Ivory, it's beautiful. =) I have several bags from white-color family: Blake in Linen (off-white), Elise in White Chiffon, Celine's small Dorine Satchel in Cream, .... They go with many of my outfits, otherwise, I won't keep on buying them. =)

    Relax & wait for your Ivory Stam to come. Post pictures for us too see too, you & Kimmisutralla are very lucky to be able to find Fall 05 Stams. =)
  9. The color was really a personal preference. I live in an area that I would not been able to pull that bag off with all my clothes and the seasonal weather. Not to mention I was afraid it would get dirty. I got a MJ large hobo in white instead.
  10. hi bagpunk

    yes that was me:smile: I have been hunting down an icy leather taupe for months and very very few authentic ones show up on ebay. I offered a BIN to the seller 15 mins after her auction was listed on ebay :smile: and it was agreed but I requested for additional pictures before I asked her to set up the BIN. No way I would have let the baby go. :P If I am not mistaken there was only one other authentic one on ebay in recent months but the suede interior is torn. My friend's ivory is lovely and it looks really plush but I already have an ivory paddy so I cldnt justify another ivory bag so I got the putty which I absolutely love esp the blue suede interior. I love it to bits but taupe is my all time holy grail of stams as well as petrol. I like the slouchy vintage vibe of the bag. I am gonna try to love both my stams equally but as of this moment the taupe makes my heart sing more.:heart:

    Just FYI buying from On Peddar is alot more expensive than ordering overseas. Actually it is cheaper for us to buy from UK cos of the VAT refund we get. You can call Selfridges in London or Harvey Nics branches to order the bag you wan and they will have the bag shipped to you. There are also small independent boutiques in London like Koh Samui, Matches and Cricket in Liverpool that carry authentic bags like MJ, Chloe, Balenciaga. We will get slapped with GST though and to save on that you may request for the stores to declare the bag as commercial sample or repairs but some of them do it and some don't.

    Hope you will love the ivory.:smile:
  11. COOL! my sis lives in LONDON! :wlae: i will take note of those stores as the names mean nothing to me (not in a bad way, i am just more familiar with the states). i am really dying for the the putty (well, not so much now perhaps since the ivory is coming), petrol/any icy leather, and the dark purple (not sure what it is called, but i saw the mini stam in a pic with hillary duff carrying it - i am assuming they made that in the regular size too). i wish i can join the purse forum/blog market place to start looking for a seller who might be bored with theirs, but i am too young a member to start buying or selling here apparently... kimmi, where did you get all your stams from?? not in singapore obviously as there is only on pedder here who stocked very conservatively ("we will only be bringing black in...") the UK? i heard MJ is setting up shop here... is that true? BTW, our fellow PF-er christine from NM in the US can ship to singapore also.

    ooo... i am so nervous about my ivory 05 stam... what if gets dirty too easily... the agony of anticipation....