What's the difference between the deauville and trouville?

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  1. thanks...they look so similar.:s
  2. The Deauville came first and is the bigger one, the Trouville introduced 2 years ago is the smaller one..

    also the Trouville has a more rounded top than the Deauville
  3. Ahhh thank you.
  4. trouville is available in MC too.
  5. I have the Deauville and I :heart: it!
  6. Size... VERY BIG DIFF
  7. I love the Deauville. At first I thought it was huge, but now I think it's perfect. Adding to what the above people said, the Trouville also has smaller handles.
  8. The Deauville seemed quite large and stiff, briefcase-like, when I first got it, but I LOVE how it's worn in... the canvas is softer now, so not as stiff as before, and even my friends thought it was a diff bag ("it was bigger last time I saw it!"). I highly recommend the Deauville!
  9. I have a Deauville that I purchased earlier this year, but I don't use it that much. How long did it take for your Deauville to soften up? I've seen other women carry Deauvilles that looked soft and broken in.... it always looks better on someone else!!
  10. Hmmm... if I had to estimate it, I'd say probably a month or two of daily use is when it softened up. I've had it since Feb and used it everyday through October (I've switched to a diff bag once the first rains came). The more you use it, the more it'll soften up! How much have you used it?
  11. I haven't used my Deauville that much... I have 5 other LV purses that I rotate on a weekly or daily basis. I'll start using my Deauville more except of course when it's raining... Thx!
  12. huge diff in size