What's the difference between the Balenciaga Classique and The First?

  1. Help! Can someone please tell me what the difference is between the Classique and the First? I've seen the First ... I love the shape, but it's just a bit small.
  2. The Classique and first are the same bag - people refer them as either
  3. Does the Classique/First come in only one size?:confused1:
  4. The Classiques consist of the City, First and mini-classique (I don't think there are any others). They're kind of a sub-line of the motorcycle line. Not sure how it started, but so many sellers refer to the First as the Classique when it can actually be any one of these styles. So if you see "Classique" only, it's pretty safe to assume it's the First.
  5. classique normally refers to the first :smile: