whats the difference between ROSE Shocking and Fuschia Pink?

  1. I am confused--are they different?
  2. Very.

    Rose Shocking has a yellow undertone, fuschia had more of a blue undertone (depending on the leather, of course). Also, fuschia isn't in production, currently, in favour of RS. That's not to say it isn't available, but was 'phased out' for the intro of RS.

    Personally, I prefer RS.
  3. Here you go, courtesy of orchids.

  4. okay so all the little hot pink mysore pieces in nyc hermes must be RS........THANKS!
  5. ^yep!

  7. Another comparison for you. RS is on the left in this side by side pic

  8. ^yep...!
  9. notice how RS is warmer toned?
  10. Yes.
  11. OH WOW-very different. fushia looks purplish and rose is really a ROSE. lust in my heart. rut ro:sweatdrop:
  12. LOL...you've caught the RS bug........many of us are suffering this ailment, right now....!!
  13. I just posted this pic on the other "shocking news" thread. But here again is a side-by-side photo of fuschia (left) and rose shocking (right). Both are chevre leather. I love BOTH colors!
    fuschia vs rs.JPG
  14. I was just asking Kou yesterday about this :biggrin:
    She said Fuschia has a purplish undertone compared to the Rose Shocking.

    But what I really want is a comparision of all 3, Rose Shocking, Fuschia and Framboise.

    I know Framboise is a shade darker and red-der than Rose Shocking.. but it's always nice to have a visual :flowers: