What's the difference between ordering from Coach online or from a store?

  1. Is the store more apt to have something the site doesn't? I mean, if I know I want something, and it is on the site, is there a reason I shouldn't get it from there?
    Thanks! :smile:
  2. if it needs to be ordered, you can get free shipping from the store.:graucho:
  3. not to mention (besides free shipping) they also do have a wider selection then online since they are direct with JAX. that works usually with an older product (not more then a year! that's way too hard and you're better off at outlets if it did make it's way there)

    but with newer items i believe that online is the same as stores, however, if the number goes down to about 7 or 6 left, online won't process your order, then you can go into a store and have them fax the order if you really want it.

    also, i don't know about other stores, my manager hates when i do this, but if it's not at JAX and some neighboring stores have it i'd try to do a found order, meaning it'll come from a store locally, something JAX cannot do.

    besides, it's more fun ordering in person then over the net'. if it's inconvient you can always call in the order, but i love seeing my customers!
  4. I actually just ordered something online from coach.com. I had gone to 2 of the Coach stores here in town, and while they do have a very large selection, there seems to be more offered online (even different colors of the same styles that are in the stores.) I don't really have a preference between buying online or going to the store, but you can return anything you order online in any of the retail stores (minus shipping though). Hope that helps!

  5. err..i meant that if there's something not in the store you can still order it! i'm surprised no one offered

    the shipping is free

    so it makes it better, esp. since you don't know how it is in person? like you said, if you changed your mind you'd be able to return it at coach.com (or ship it back!) but you won't get your shipping fee back.

    may not be a lot but it sure sucks if you do it regularly!
  6. Online is convenient, but going to the store is better. You can see things IRL and try them on...also, you may receive damaged goods if you order online. I live overseas and one bag was damaged. So I called Coach and they told me to return it and they would ship me a new one with no questions asked...but by the time I would pay for shipping and duties when the new piece would have arrived I would have ended up spending more than the price of the bag.
    So, better head to the store if you can
  7. I never order online....always call/go to the store...free shipping...and I get to browse!