What's the Difference Between Nordstorm vs. Nordstorm Rack

  1. I've never stepped foot in a Nordstorm nor have I ever seen one, so when people talk about the Rack and Nordstorm I assume they're talking about the same thing, but apprently not. Is the Rack like an outlet store?
    Im not sure if this topic belongs here or not so I apologize in advance for posting in the wrong forum.
  2. yes, the Rack is their outlet:yes:
  3. We dont even have a Nordstrom in Tulsa but Im assuming it is an outlet store.
  4. Nordstrom Rack is the junky outlet store. Unfortunatley, places like that make me nervous and I'm never able to find much amidst all of the junk. :tdown:
  5. Is the outlet store known to sell fakes or at least handbags that are of lesser quality?
  6. where do they have Nordstrom Rack? I have seen some Nordstroms, but have no idea where they have the Rack
  7. i live in northern virginia and there is a nordstrom rack, it is my favorite store in the area!! the bags are definitely not fakes, they are just last season. it is not a "junky outlet store", it just has things that didn't sell out from the previous season! i love shopping there! :tup:
  8. Nordstrom is the regular department store (www.nordstrom.com) and Nordstrom Rack is their clearance center or outlet. They send past season's items to NR to be sold at a discount. While some may feel that the store is "junky" - it's mostly because it's completely packed with clothes! Sometimes the racks are so tight together, it's hard to get through.

    I've found great deals there - Nine West sweaters and slacks for $19 (reg. 79-119), designer shoes for 1/2 off, lingerie for the same (chantelle, natori, wacoal). Selection will vary depending on when you go - the best times are when the stores get in their new lines / seasons.
  9. I miss the Rack. I lived a few blocks from one and it was def. my favorite place to shop. The lines were long and the people were often annoying, but you can find great stuff there if you're willing to spend a little bit of time hunting.
  10. Nordstrom is the department store like Saks or Neiman Marcus. Nordstrom Rack is the past season outlet like Saks' Off 5th or NM Last Call.
  11. The rack is nordstroms clearence store, while Nordstrom is the actual department store. I think I have seen it in the basement of a Nordstrom and as a completely separate store. The Rack is kind if like TJmaxx, it's a treasure hunt. It's tightly packed, not that organized, hard to get around, and usually packed with people. You can find great deals but I usually have to be in a special mood to handle it, or any sales racks in general.
  12. As far as outlets go, Nordstrom Rack is pretty decent. One major thing is that (at least in my neighborhood) they're located in nice strip malls near full-scale Nordstrom stores. I always have great luck with the shoes, which are usually at least 50% off. Just don't expect the luxe Nordie's experience- you have to wait in line to buy your items, helpful staff is nonexistent, and all the shoes are out, requiring you to wait in line for it's mate.
  13. Nordstrom Rack is the real deal. I was just there this week and found a Mulberry bag marked down to $599. (but not one of the ones I'm looking for), Via Spiga shoes I paid full price for at Bloomingdales last fall (that one hurt a little) and so on. But it was so packed and cluttered, I left without buying anything because it was so overwhelming. I think I prefer full service and the piano player while I shop:smile:
  14. If getting a deal is your thing definitely go to the Rack. I found a Gryson Molly list price at $625 for $169...so if you like the "hunt" stop in to one! I'm all about buying nice things for a lot less! :rolleyes:
  15. I visited the Nordstrom Rack in Mall of America last year. It definitely had a "TJMaxx" feel to it, but I found a ton of great deals!!