What's the difference between New D bags and restyled D bags?

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  1. I am pretty new to Tod's handbags, could someone please explain the differences? TIA!
  2. New D-Bag: the handles don't fold down (see blue bag pic)

    Restyled D-Bag: the handles fold down (see green bag pic)

    Overall, they are pretty similar, but the Restyled D-Bag is typically "slouchier" than the New D-Bag.

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  3. Thanks ladies...so are D bags the classics of Tod's that they make them every season?
  4. I *believe* so.
    I think the classic colors are around year round, not sure if they still do seasonal colors in this style.
  5. Thank you! I wondered about this too. Is the blue D-bag yours? The color is TDF.
  6. Thanks! Yes, it is mine. I love this color, too--it's great for summer.