Whats the difference between Khaki, Sandstone, and Oatmeal?

  1. Okay... I must be an idiot, but are these colors all similar? I know there is a slight difference between Sandstone and Oatmeal... what about khaki? Anyone have any comparison pics? I've searched, but I must not be looking in the right place. Help?
  2. The only place I have seen khaki is one diabro.net, which is their name for sandstone. Khaki isn't an official Balenciaga name for a color, so its got to be a surname assigned by a Bbag retailer.
  3. ^^^ yea, only diabro calls the sandstone "khaki"... as for the diff between the sandstone and mastic... apparently the mastic is more golden/yellow than the sandstone which is more taupe... I love the sandstone...