what's the difference between GM, MM and PM?

  1. Im dont own LV's yet. and I want to buy one. and which do you prefer GM, MM, PM? thanks :biggrin:
  2. Well, in my opinion LV makes HUGE bags, so I always opt for the smallest size (PM). They don't make all three sizes in all bags, so sometimes you don't get this much choice. The largest size (GM) is ALWAYS really big and the MM is the middle size. It depends on how tall/large you are and how much stuff you need to carry.
  3. The difference is size! Pm is the smaller size out the the three you listed but PM is not a small size at all. I have one and I think it's perfect for all sizes. The other sizes just seem too 'HUGE'.
  4. I never buy a LV in GM. Cause it is really huge! The MM size is already big enough for me. IMO, PM = small, MM = medium/large GM = GIGANTIC! Hahaha. I'm not a huge fan of large bag or oversize one. All my bags are just medium or small. That's why I get my speedy in 25 & Alma in PM.
  5. In French I believe PM is Petite(small), MM is Mediam (Medium) and GM is Grande (Large). Im sure I ruined the French but that's basically what the letters stand for. Not all bags come in each size. Some bags come in all three, but you just have to research the bag you're looking for.
  6. yes i agree that the gm is totally huge. depending on the style of the bag you'll either opt for a pm or mm. or depending on your lifestyle, maybe a gm! i try to downsize on what i carry around with me so pm or mm is good enough!
  7. well those are sizes PM: petite mpdel, MM: medium model, GM: grand model
  8. I think the GMs are generally too large for anyone to carry as a handbag!
  9. I usually always but the gm size... I figure if i'm paying that kind of money i want the biggest bag i can get!! Hee (i'm so lv greedy!)
  10. PM = petit modèle

    MM= moyen modèle

    GM= grand modèle