whats the difference between evergrain and evercalf?

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  1. I have tried to research this on the forum with not much luck............Pepper's post about swift got me to thinking about ever calf and ever grain and how they are different. anyone own both?
  2. Thanks for starting this thread H-aholic, I have wondered this too. Evergrain has a natural grain apparently...evercalf is smooth I think but I don't know how to tell it apart from other smooth, matte leathers like chamonix or vache natural. Would love to hear from folks who know...

  3. yes its so interesting to hear from people how leathers hold up and such. I really think that leathers can be very different even in the same type. ie togo--can be really soft and large grained or thicker and smaller grained. often with huge veins (which i find sort of yucky but some people covet!) i have even seen swift with a bit of a veining effect.................. the moral of the story...........every cow is unique!;)
  4. I don't know about ever grain, but can tell about ever calf... it is very lightweight, smooth just as box but not stiff and very velvety.
  5. evercalf is the smooshy cousin to box as ia call it and ever grain is embossed evercalf to give it an grainy appereance again a smooshy cousin to epsom
  6. I remember HG describing evercalf as soft boxcalf. The impression I got from HG's post was that it's the same except that evercalf is souple, and boxcalf is stiff. Before I bought my Havanne Evercalf, I had zero knowledge of the leather. So I made a trip to my store and checked out the evercalf leather swatch. I was amazed that I could rub away the deep scratches that i inflicted on it with my finger nails (I really went for it). I remember sitting in my store with a beaming smile because it reminds me of my barenia Evelyne.

    Evergrain ... I don't have any bags in this leather but amandakmc and TammyD have a KP and Birkin in this leather respectively. It reminds me of Swift but thicker, and grainier.

  7. Mssparkles: thanks for your input. I have an evercalf trim and its incredibly heavy and velvety (yes all scratches can be rubbed out). I was considerinng an evergrain bag and couldnt quite get a handle on the difference.
  8. Hermesaholic: Do you mean it's weight is heavy? Would you carry a larger bag in this leather?
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  9. well its dense, drapy-y??????. i think in a larger bag it might look sloppy but its hardd to say--mine is a trim. (I find even a 35 birkin in swift gets a little heavy.)
  10. I have a 35 Birkin in Evergrain and it's not heavy to carry at all. Scratches really can get rubbed out with a fingertip, it's got a gorgeous moderate level of sheen, and it's really just an overall amazing leather. It's not shiny, not matte--very modern looking to me. It's also not really floopy at all. I do know what you're saying, Hermesaholic, about it being "drapey", and I personally love that aspect of this leather. It's velvety, almost like incredibly rich thick velvet drapes. Yum.

    In case you can't tell, I LOVE IT!
  11. ^^yes, I saw the photo in the ref. section, Cynthia, and it is quite stunning.
  12. My 35 Evercalf birkin is much lighter than my 35 box birkin.
  13. I have the exact same evergrain birkin bag and love it too. The way the scratches just rub away amazes me. It's like pre-patinated, if that makes any sense.

    From mrsS's description of Evercalf, that sounds great too. Something I would love as much as evergrain.
  14. does brown evercalf look a lot like barenia? how are they different?
  15. Is Evergrain comparable to Vachette Ardennes?
    And since Evercalf is slouchy, would you buy a larger structured bag in that leather? Like a Birkin 35? Or would you choose it for smaller bags? How is it different from Swift?