what's the difference between emerald green and vert green?

  1. Hi everyone...

    I feel in love with a Balenciaga in Singapore in a shade of green
    but, they didn't have it in the city size, and since i've been known to carry a lot of stuffs, i didnt want to get the first size..

    so i went to email Aloharag, and they sent me their current stock (anyone who might be interested can PM me, and i'll email it to you :yes:) and what they have in stock is the Emerald green... I saw a Vert green on eBay.. and now I'm confused, they both look like the same colour - is there actually a difference between them?

    Any help is much appreciated :idea:
  2. I think vert green might be grass green, which is brighter and more intense than emerald green.
  3. Exactly. Emerald is much darker and vert gazon is a grass green. Some people might even call it a kelly green. For what it's worth, I like the vert gazon better.
  4. Yep, you guys are right on the money. I have a vert gazon makeup clutch and love it! Such a pretty green.
  5. vert gazon is a bit lighter... and prettier! (IMO)
  6. Thanks everyoneee ;)
    I went back to Balenciaga Singapore today, just to make sure that they didnt have the Vert green in the City size.. they only have it in first size (and yep, it was vert green, SUCH A PREEEEEEETTYY GREEEEEENNNNN :love: i think i'm in love)

    so i'm going to continue searching until i can find a vert green in city size. wish me luck!
  7. Here's my emerald courier!

  8. Is vert clair something different too? (Bbag novice here.)
  9. Emerald is darker and Vert Gazon is a very bright green. I had an Emerald and sold it and was so sad and regretful, until Vert Gazon showed up. It's a bright kelly green. I had my Vert Gazon mini compagnon in hand when I was pumping gas the other day and at a Mobil station, it is pretty much the same colour as the pump handle on 87 octane : )

    I wish you well,

  10. bridget - i love your avatar ;)
  11. just an update - i've placed my name down at Cult Status for a Vert Gaz in city size :p

    The SA told me that they definitely ordered it and it should arrive between now and late march........ here's crossing my fingers!!! :rolleyes:

  12. ^^ yum, love your emerald zac :drool:
  13. I love the courier size it holds everything, and what a pretty colour!
  14. u r gonna love it i adore my ver gazon city