What's the difference between Coromandel & Coromandel Souple?

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  1. What is the difference between both leathers? Does it make a difference in a 30cm birkin?

  2. MrsS: I saw an auction on eBay by lucyndskywdmnds
    In her description she said the CDC souple is slightly less rigid than regular CDC. Other than that, there's not much of info..
  3. The souple leather IS softer. It should still hold its shape, but may slouch more than regular CDC with time.
  4. Yep, it is lucious! (I remember I was a tiny confused about that myself about a year)
  5. Thank you, princessfrog, HG and KB.

    Do you think it will behave/slouch like the more souple leathers such as clemence and swift? I do like my 30cm birkins to stand up tall, although not necessarily 100% rigid. So long as it's more like box calf and less like togo ....
  6. No way it would slouch like those two. It's a little softer than regular CDC, that's all.
  7. :tender: :girlsigh:
  8. MrsS--why do you ask???:graucho:
  9. :angel: For consideration of a future bag ... LOL:idea:
  10. ^ Coromandel souple is quite possibly my favorite leather next to box. It's super thick and luxurious, IMO! If you can find it, GET IT!
  11. It's making a comeback.
  12. ^A comeback in popularity or production? I'd love to see H produce more bags in this leather. I saw a cdc souple bolide and it was perfect for that style. Just soft enough and not too soft.
  13. Really? I'm hopefully going to be in Europe next year at this time and would kill to snag something (Bolide, Kelly) in CDC souple!!!! ACK!
  14. In production. I've been seeing them in my store.
  15. Second all of the above info.

    A recent bag of mine was originally placed as an order just as Coromandel and came in as Coromandel Souple: I was told that it's been in production more lately.

    To the eye, it's identical and even though it may be a little softer to the touch, there is absolutely no indication that it will slouch more.