Whats the difference between city and part-time??

  1. Thanks!
  2. Dimensions, city is boxier (taller and not as wide, also half the depth of part time).
  3. someone asked this same question the other day, maybe a board search will bring some more comments up?
  4. my SA said that PT has the depth and length of a work, but the height of a city
  5. correct, except city is 1 inch longer than PT, from what I understand. Perhaps someone here can confirm/deny.
  6. The Part Time is an inch shorter in height than the City but definitely longer.

    I think of the Part Time as a baby Work...with straps.

    Comparison for Work and Part time:

  7. ^^ Nice bags, Incoral Blue! With the side-by-side comparison, I can really tell the difference in the styling of the two bags. I really like the look of the PT, but the dimensions are just too wide for my 5'6'' medium-build frame.
  8. Don't think that how tall you are matters for PT, it's how thin. I am 5'8" and it looks fine but way wide, much wider than me. I would imagine that for thicker people it would lok fine.. but I am not sure. I guess, it would be nice if people posted pics wearing either style.
  9. part time is 16.5 inches long. about 1.5 inches longer than city, but it also 1 inch shorter than the city. bottom little wider, because it has 4 metal feet on it. the handles longer than city, so it can be easily carried over shoulder without using the detachable shoulder strap. hope this help.. its good size and very cute. IMO....( and agree that its just like baby work with shoulder strap). this style seems very popular with GH..