What's the difference between carrying low and carrying hig?

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  1. Does it matter in any way? I was told by a few ladies that I carry high. What does that mean exactly?
  2. I'm not exactly sure myself, but the old wives tales that I've heard say that if you're carrying low and it's all pointing out the front, that it's a boy, and if you're carrying high and a bit more spread out, that it's a girl!

    I don't actually know if this true, but all I can say is that I carried low and was all pointing out the front and indeed, I had a boy!:nuts:
  3. It means nothing at all. Old wives tales are a ton of fun but really are all a fluke :smile:
  4. For gender it means nothing. Basically all it means is where the baby is positioned based on your body build. I have huge hips and a wide pelvis, so baby didn't have to go "up", so I carried low... but yes, I had two boys.

  5. I've always carried low and all out front and I have four girls!! So no truth to it at all! I'm now expecting a boy and still carrying the same, I think it has more to do with your body as to how you carry.
  6. I carried low with both my boys and carried high with both my girls. I always thought the old wives tales were the opposite of how I was carrying because everyone was telling me I was having a boy when I was pregnant with my first child because I was huge, round and high.
  7. I'm carrying high. He's breech though and hasn't turned.
  8. are you far along? I know someone who had the breech issue and the doctors let her go overdue and the baby fell into position in the last minute.
  9. can you carry high and low at the same time?? lol i swear sometimes it feels like everything is being shoved up into my ribs [hurts a lot] and then i feel like she is tap dancing on my cervix and who-ha. :P
  10. I have been carrying high and round (like a basketball) and I am having a boy. He has (since I started showing) hanging out right under my boobs. He is so high that I have had to go up several sizes in the circumference part of my bra but not in the cup size. "the girls" haven't grown much at all :sad: