What's the difference between a CHARM and a PENDANT?...

  1. Sorry! but i just don't understand what the differece between a CHARM and a PENDANT is...lol...:shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:

    can you buy a charm...and put it on a necklace? mmm...:push::push::push:

    please help! lol:tup:
  2. Yes you can
  3. charm is for cell phone & pendants are for bracelets. They are both cute though.
  4. Charms are to be clipped on braclets, necklaces and bags but if the charms looks the same as a pendant its just LV being fancy. (IE its the same thing LOL)
  5. Yeah, they're essentially the same thing. Charms sometimes have clasps though so you can put them on charm bracelets or necklaces with larger links.
  6. the only difference is the size. charms are mainly for hanging on a bracelet, but you can also wear it as a pendant.
  7. You can use them for both a pendant or a bracelet. There for bracelets but the LV charms are so cute and dainty you can use them as a pendant no problem.
  8. :wlae:yay!