Whats the difference between a balenciaga bag from 2007 and 2010?


Apr 5, 2009
I'm not a expert by any means. The only differences I can tell you are the leather on 07 bags is chevre(goat) and on the 10 bags it's agneau(lamb). I think in 07 is when they switched from chevre to agneau so some 07's are chevre and some are agneau. And the 07 Part-Times have feet where as the 10 part-times do not. If you haven't already check out this thread. http://forum.purseblog.com/balencia...son-best-worst-characteristics-222345-63.html I'm sure some of the other members may be able to tell you more.


balenciaga :)
Dec 21, 2007
Ones I can think of off the top of my head right now:

1) switch from chevre to agneau
2) no more feet
3) no more pockets on the back of the attached mirror
4) no more extra tassels provided with Bbag purchase
5) larger/deeper inner pockets on some styles
6) 3 lines of serial numbers on the backs of tags
7) rivet shapes have more variation

And new styles and hardware combos of course :smile: