What's the difference between 06 Marron & 07 Cafe?

  1. hey everyone,

    i was just wondering how the 06 marron and the 07 cafe differs. from what i've read, the marron is an olive brown and the cafe is coffee bean brown. i'd love to see photos of your bags to compare and to hear about why you love them.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. ^^ here's photos of my new cafe day :tender:
    eb80_1.JPG ebbe_1.JPG
  3. that's one yummy cafe! it kind of reminds me of the 05 chocolate i owned once...do you think it's similar?
  4. Cafe is darker than marron. Also marron has a bit of a dusty gray undertone, while cafe has warmer undertones.
  5. yummmmmmmmmmmmmy!:heart:
  6. ^^ yep, it's alot like my '05 choco WE :love:

    p.s. but i think the '07 cafe is even richer!!!
    _MG_0291_02 REV.jpg _MG_0298_02 REV.jpg
  7. yummy WE! :drool: would you say the 05 is more milk chocolate and the 07 is like a dark chocolate?
  8. Here's my marron 06 - two different views - very vintagey!
    Marron 2.jpg Marron tPF.jpg
  9. your marron is perfection! i'm loving the leather :drool:

    thanks for posting your photos ladies!
  10. Beautiful! :drool:

    I just saw Cafe for the first time IRL today. It's so rich, deep and dark. Probably the nicest brown I have seen IMO. Almost like espresso.
  11. welp, i just took them out to compare the 2 & i can't put my finger on the difference :confused1:...my '07 cafe is shinier, because it's brand new & my '05 chocolate is totally matte...and of course, both are totally delicious :p
  12. aaa... seriously.... r u tryin to make me collapsed with another gorgeous weekender???
  13. ^^ lol, actually, that's my only gorgeous weekender now (but, YES!!!) :yes::graucho::p
  14. [​IMG]

    :drool: :drool: :drool:
  15. ^^ lol, thanks for the drool Deco!!! :love: