Whats the difference b/n MJ or Marc by MJ

  1. Whats the difference between Marc Jacobs and MARC by Marc Jacobs handbags?
  2. Good question! I have noticed that the Marc by MJ has been a little younger/more willing to take risks. But, I must admit that I have been wondering myself and always forget to ask. *waits to see more posts*
  3. marc by marc is designed for a younger demographic--the designs are really funky and fun. :smile: the price difference is significantly different between marc by marc bags and collection bags. it's more affordable stuff but still marc jacobs. :smile:
  4. marc by Marc is def more affordable and usually it is made in China although sometimes it will be made in Italy. it is more fun and still gorgeous
  5. It's all about the price point
  6. I think Marc by Marc Jacobs is priced as a more affordable introduction to the line...lure you in (targets younger market), then as you become more established in career and finances you move up to the Marc Jacobs line.
  7. Yeah, Marc by Marc Jacobs costs a lot less than the MJ line. The Marc by MJ is definitely more casual looking. I just purchased the Danielle hobo and it is a great bag. The leather is very nice. I love the new logo leather. I got it so I can use it as an everyday bag. I don't have to worry about it getting dirty. I like the Marc by MJ bags because the designs are very fun. I read in another thread that Sienna Miller uses the Faridah bag. I would recommend getting anything by Marc Jacobs!:yes:
  8. It's a gorgeous bag. I bought a Nutmeg Mia satchel but had to return it as it had a dent in it. I would have kept it otherwise. It is not that heavy actually.
  9. i know i may sound dumb ,but what is the difference between marc by marc jacobs and marc jacobs?????
  10. thanks elongreach it was helpful
  11. I'm not really a fans of MJ, but I noticed the price differences between the two. Marc by MJ is more cheaper than the MJ collection (maybe they use different kind of materials than what the MJ has). Marc by MJ seems is being created to reach middle class, while the MJ collection is targetted for middle-upper class. Also, the style of Marc by MJ seems for more younger people while the MJ collection is more for the adult ones (like Miu Miu and Prada; in the beginning, Miu Miu designs are more cute than Pradas, but these days, they have 'serious-look:smile:' line also. With the price of Miu Miu these days, I think, Miu Miu cannot be called as the 2nd line of Prada (as what I heard) anymore).

    That's only my opinion.
  12. I'm new to MJ Bags...so can someone tell me what the difference is between MJ and M by MJ bags. Are they the same? Sorry for my ignorance.

    Here's my MJ Chartreuse multipocket:
  13. The M by MJ bags are Marc Jacobs' trendier, less-expensive bags. That actually goes for the entire Marc by Marc Jacobs lineup...clothing, sunglasses, handbags, shoes, etc. The price-point is lower, and the styles tend to be trendier. The Marc Jacobs Collection handbags use (IMO) higher-quality materials (soft calf, suede interiors, heavy hardware, etc.) and the shapes and styles of the bags/clothing/shoes are more classic and the price-point is much higher.

    HTH. Someone like bag.lover can probably give you a much more in-depth answer, but that's the basic idea.

    The bag you have is an MJ Collection Multipocket.
  14. Thanks. I'd noticed on Net-A-Porter bags in both names, but because the styles were so different, wasn't sure if they were the same or not.

    Personnally I prefer the MJ bags.

    Thanks for clearing that up.