What's the difference? Ali vs Shoulder Flap

  1. Can anyone tell me the difference between the 06 Ali and the 2007 Legacy Shoulder Flap?

    I can see from the pic that the flap goes down farther on the 2007 purse than the Ali - but what are the other differences?

    Is there a size difference etc? It's hard to tell.

    Does anyone have a pic of the two side by side???? Do you like one better than the other????
  2. ^^
    i think that is the biggest difference to me, the flap length/drop. i think the Ali's is shorter so it makes the bag less cumbersome to get into. i had the clay shoulder flap but the the flap literally hit me in the face when i opened it so i took it back.
    a side by side photo would be cool.
  3. i think the 07 flap looks more like a messenger bag
  4. besides the longer flap, the 07 shoulder flap has a divider when opened where the 06 Ali has a pocket instead.