what's the diff between these two Linea Pelle bags?

  1. one is the dylan quited clutch, the second is the dylan clutch...the first is cheaper on shoe buy, is it an older style or something? they seem to be the same measurement. and the second has a thicker strap. other than that, not much looks different..thanks!
  2. I think the 2nd one is just a newer version from the first. I bought this clutch from the sample sale, but the straps were different again-(it had gold chains). Unless the one that says "quilted" is REALLY quilted.... but i don't think it is (from the pic.) .. go to the LP site, because they have "dylan quilted"... and it doesn't look like any of these.
  3. They must have posted the wrong picture. The quilted Dylan's are actually quilted handbags.
  4. I spotted two differences. The second has a rolled handle and the gold plated rings at the base of the handle are longer in the second. Maybe thats why the second is expensive.
  5. ah yes, shoebuy put up the wrong pic! on LP's site that first one is the same name, so i guess older style!
  6. i love this bag but im wondering how small is it IRL? I am thinking about getting it for myself for christmas but want to make sure it will fit a small cell phone and a slim wallet.
  7. its 9.5 inches wide, you can definately fit your cell,keys, etc. but a wallet.. that would have to depend on how thick it is. I only put in my dL, cash, and credit/debit, cell, keys. Esp. when i'm going out.
  8. It's really thin...akin to a wristlet.
  9. i love the look of it....i might just go for it...i am having such trouble finding a crossbody bag that is the right size! they are either way to big (i am rather petite) or too small

  10. then this clutch will be perfect. And it's so lightweight~:yes: