what's the dentelle release date?

  1. i am trying to plan my gift card spending. lol. thanks!

    ::::crossing my fingers for feb 1::::
  2. I was told Feb 26th
  3. I was told 2/20
  4. i dunno.... FEB????
  5. I hope February. Maybe some lucky pfer will post a modelling pic.
  6. I was talking with my SA today and she told me it was Feb 20....not too far off! 3 weeks from TODAY!!! :yahoo: Can't wait to get my gold speedy! :wlae:
  7. i thought it was thursday??
  8. darn it. i was hoping sooner. feh. lol
  9. Feb. 15th for the runway peices (pochette, hobo-thing)
    March 1st for the rest (Batignolles, Speedy, ludlow, cles, etc.)
  10. I was told 2/20
  11. ^Sounds like there are conflicting dates...I was told by my SA and 866 that the speedy would be out on the 20th of Feb....I hope they are right! :yes:
  12. That's great. would u mind me asking how much the damage is:graucho:
  13. I think it's Feb 20? Or I hope anyway...
  14. My SA told me Feb 20th for my Pochette.
  15. i am going in today to give em h3ll re: my coeur piece not being in and i'll ask. my store does not usually know much though! warning you!