whats the demand for older inclusion colors?

  1. okay---so whats the current demand for the older inclusion colors ..pink and yellow? I really want a paticular chanel bag and am debating weather to list my bangles on ebay. I have a pink and yellow gm and pm....do you think i should list them over CURRENT retail because they are no longer available?
    whats the demand??? I dont ever wear them, i bought the 4 bangles because they looked cute haha so shallow, I am. anyways, please leave me your suggestions...or should I wait another few months hehe
  2. anyone :confused1:
  3. I think that they're in pretty high demand. I have the pink GM and pm and desparately want the yellow bracelets and can't find them anywhere
  4. Have you tried doing a search on ebay? I also think a search for finished auction could give you an idea.
  5. heather- I have the pink PM, pink GM, yellow PM, yellow GM and was posting to find out what the demand was since i was considering listing mine.

    I checked completed auctions and the demand seems pretty inconsistent. for example, one GM pink sold for $550.00 and then a black PM sold for over $400.00 retail is only $265.00 WOAH! sometimes they do still show up on elux...however, either the pinks and yellows arent showing on ebay enough and people are spending top dollar for the black, beige...or the black and beige are more popular??

    does the best offer option scare people off?? I just want to make sure im listing them in the 'right' price range.
    thanks guys
  6. I think bracelets are more in demand. I saw a black keychain still available at Valley Fair just 2 months ago.