What's the deal?

  1. I have noticed, during my perusals of Ebay, that MANY of the fake birkins being sold are from sellers in the UK. Does anyone have any idea why that is the case? Is there some giant factory that produces fake birkins over there or something?

    Italy is another country that pops up a lot with sellers selling fake birkins. However, I wasn't surprised by that after reading the book The Fashionista Files.
  2. Nope, have no idea why.
  3. Thats strange.. maybe a coincident!.. You'll find sellers from all over the world selling fakes. What i cant understand is those who buy fakes and encourages such practice!
  4. DH and I were watching $40 a day on the Food Network (the one where Rachel goes to Paris from 2002) and as she was walking through a market and there were a bunch of fake Hermes bags! :wtf: DH said omg that's a fake Plume and sure enough there were Birkins. :throwup:
  5. ^^:wtf: Wow. Well kudos to your DH for picking them out, CB!