what's the deal with those stupid lv pop ups

  1. where you take a survey and supposedly get a free lv bag? is that for real? How is that possible. It kind of makes me mad that these actually exist :confused1:
  2. Scam and fake pop in to my mind. Think of all the idenity theft going on. Probably wants a ton of information and maybe you will get a fake bag.

  3. That's what I was thinking. Why should I take all those surveys and subscribe to crap and get a fake bag. I'd rather buy a real bag myself
  4. never take the surveys.
  5. total scam, don't do it.
  6. you have to buy into things as well- don't fall for it- it's a lot of companies buying your contact info as well.

    ever see that capital one commercial with the princess and the toad and he just kept on turning into something else instead of the prince she wanted?

    those offers are kinda like that- you have to keep on giving out your info and buying things..... which tally up to more than the bag and wallet themselves.

    *trust me* I've done it and cancelled everything except my son's Disney movie club. Never did get the bag or wallet because I didn't pay the $1000.00+ last step items.

    I know- horrible story but the truth. This was back in November.
  7. Complete scam. They'll just take your identity.
  8. anything that is a pop up ad is too good to be true
  9. whoa that's scary!! I can't believe the crap you have to go through. I figured that after paying money and subscribing to stuff it would cost more money than if you just went and bought the bag itself
  10. I have seen those things too. It's a total scam and you will so regret it. They are fake bags anyway.
  11. Depending on the company offering you the bag, it's not a scam. This is no different than those free iPods/laptops/flat screen offers and many people have had success with those. If you don't take the time to research the companies you're dealing with...then just stay away period. I know some girls who have received authentic Manhattan GMs (shipped directly from eluxury) from these types of offers :yes: And no, the out of pocket cost did not exceed the value of the bag, so it was worth it! :wlae:
  12. what company what it?
  13. The last time this topic was discussed...the mods closed the threads and removed all links to other sites/companies, so I'll refrain from mentioning anything specific. Here's something to read up on if you're interested in how the process works: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gratis_Internet

    If a company becomes too popular and too many people are qualifying for free handbags, then they tend to start getting shady- either by closing down completely or they'll adjust their terms/conditions so that you have to do more. This is what happened with the Manhattan GM company...I think around 10 girls on the forum I was on got their bags (or a $1500 check if the bags weren't in stock on eluxury) while the rest were disqualified for little things like signing up with multiple emails, addresses, cancelling their trials too quickly, etc. This craze happened over a year ago...the website is still up and running, but I don't see them offering an LV anymore.
  14. Oic well thanks for the info. I was just curious about it. I can understand it though. thanks
  15. No, it's not true. If you see a pop-up, survery ad, or anything that looks bad, than I would stay away.