What's the deal with the Croisette?

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  1. Is it going to be sold online or is it a limited edition bag? I've asked local SAs and it seems like they don't know. They are surprised the jungle collection is online and not the Croisette though they came out at the same time and because the bag seems to be a big hit. Have you all heard anything?

    Also hoping the lovely people who own it can tell me the wear and tear of the bag. :smile:
  2. They can't produce the Croisette as quick as people want it! When I got mine, it was the last of the first 5 they got. This was on the first day they sold it, on 30th March. Since that day, only 2 came in and they were sold also. I need a replacement strap, because mine is not perfect, but don't know how long this will take. Haven't used mine yet, but as soon as the weather is nice, I will.
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  3. Would be interested to know if it will be offered in ebene...
  4. That would be pretty.
  5. Not sure why it is not on the website. Can anyone tell me if the stationary upright handle on top is uncomfortable with your elbow cross body?
  6. Is this bag super rare? I just saw one last week...
  7. Damier Ebene Croisette would be amazing...make it happen LV!
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  8. So I spoke to the corporate office (or general number) and the woman told me that the Croisette is only a seasonal bag. Despite the popularity for it, she said they are only going to sell it for a couple more months then that's it. No word it's going online, only that it's selling fast because they don't have anymore at the warehouse. So I guess get them while you can!
  9. Thanks for this info. I have been obsessively stalking the website for it.
  10. Thanks for the info. Hope they change their mind and make it a bit longer.

  11. hi leo the lion

    i think it should be quite comfortable. i tried it on in store and its quite far from the elbow, if I understand your question correctly. here's a modelling shop if its helpful. btw I'm 170cm ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461111540.671631.jpg
  12. Thanks for modeling picture! It is really helpful. I bought twice RB color and I am still debating if I should have exchanged with Croisette. Do you think lock is too hard to close?
  13. Super cute on you, thanks sweetie!!!

  14. Tried it on at Northbrook Court LV this week - I found it to be a very comfortable bag to wear. I didn't care for the closure - didn't work well for me with one hand.

  15. you are very much welcome:smile: I don't think the lock is too fiddly but personally I think RB twice would be a nicer bag. Though I don't have both bags in my collection, but I think empreinte would be a better material:smile:
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