What's the deal with Signed Pieces "Solo Settings?"

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  1. Okay, so I was doing some window shopping and came across "Solo Settings" in the Signed Pieces collection.

    See this link:


    None of these pieces are shown with a matching band. Are they called "solo settings" because they are to be worn without a band?

    Or are they called "solo settings" because they are simply sold without the band?

    I'm just asking b/c the rings in this collection have A LOT of accent diamonds and design, so I wasn't sure what the right ettiquete is with these? Band or no band?
  2. Since having a matchy-matchy e-ring and w-band is considered outdated, I think that several sellers are offering solo e-rings to be worn alone or with a non-matching w-band.
  3. My guess would be that it means that they are sold without the band...to me, they all look like they would have a band with them (otherwise it would look like you were engaged and not married). Did that make sense? I feel like I was rambling! Lol.
  4. I think it is just because they aren't pairing them up and selling them with specific wedding bands... however, it isn't like you could not very very easily find matching bands for those rings if you wanted one!
  5. Yes, this.

    Like another poster mentioned, perfectly matched sets (at least sold AS a set), and especially soldering, is out of vogue now. Most people are buying each piece separately, so there is less of a market for matched sets being sold as a pair.
  6. They sell sets though that have the ering and matching bands. Duos have the e-ring and band, trios have the ering and 2 bands.