What's the deal with raffaello-network.com

  1. Seems as if he marks things up and then "pretends" do discount them. Items with his discound are even more expensive then the dept store or boutique. (ie: prada)
  2. I got a great bag on sale a year ago from them...about 30% off the retail price at the boutiques. The bag was perfect, beautiful (I still have it), and arrived very quickly. No complaints here!
  3. The Fendi items are definitely more expensive on that website than in the boutiques or the big department stores, too. At least the items are authenticate (at least that is what I've heard here--never ordered from him).
  4. Yeah, I suggest you shop around before you order from them. You might be able to get the bag cheaper if it's available elsewhere.
  5. I have always heard they were fake, I wouldn't shop there myself.