What's the Deal with NPB's?

  1. . . . so I sold this handbag last weekend . . . and at the last minute there's a sniper that wins it with 0 feedback! . . . (Sound familiar?) . . . I have yet to be paid. (Something tells me I may not be). My message to the buyer goes unanswered.
    Is this why I see so many listings that state "buyers with 0 feedback will be automatically cancelled unless you contact me" . . . ?
    I'm not a real experienced seller so I don't know much about this . . . but, what the deal with this? Is this some eBay version of a prankster?
  2. Give him 7 days then file non paying item report to eBay & give him strike, sorry it happened you
  3. maybe if they've never bought on eBay before, they've also never used paypal before. and they're setting up a paypal account which takes a few days?
  4. It happened to me. In my auctions, I write that please email me if you have zero or negative feedbacks prior to bidding, but they never do. I'm new to selling as well, and I don't know how to cancel someone's bid. It must be simple, but I've yet to learn how to do it. I did have a winning bidder who was new to Ebay, but she turned out to be sweet and paid right away. Then I had a NPB who was new to Ebay but by the end of the auction, she had 2 positive feedbacks (guess she bought some stuff around the same time), so I thought she was a safe one, but boy was I wrong!
  5. hey, i've had 3 in the last month. NPB that is. one has 0 feedback and i opened a dispute yesterday. the other two didn't pay so i filed the dispute, left neg FB and got my fees back. they suck but i also had a 0 fb bidder who bought last week. listing says buyers with 10 fb or less must pay within 3 days.. she paid 5 days later. she was on vacay so i was understanding. if you open the dispute, ebay will send them a friendly reminder and they will know you are serious. just remember, we all started at 0 fb...