Whats the deal with no hangtags??

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  1. Whats the deal with some of the bags coming without hangtags? I purchased a signature tote in Loehmann's the other day and realized when I got home that there was no hang tag. I thought that it was simply missing from that bag, but when I went back none of the bags they had had them. I noticed the same thing in DSW as well with this particular bag? Do these style of bags just not come with them? Of is it because they are in the discount stores? Because I purchased the Portland leather satchel in Marshalls and it came with the tag...just wondering as I just started getting into Michael Kors:smile:
  2. Sorry this sounds silly but what is a hangtang? is it that beige tag with Michael Kors on it?
  3. It's a tag with an MK logo on it, either in silver or gold.
  4. Are you talking about the metal things? Not all of my bags have them ...
  5. If you are talking about the metal logo (MK in a circle) that hangs from some of the bags, well, not all of the bags come with them. Like, not all MK bags are meant to come with it in the first place. But for I think all Jet Set totes are supposed to have them, and Grayson bags, and some others I can't name off of the top of my head.

    If your bag is supposed to have the metal logo and you buy it from a store like MK store or Macy's for example I would expect the tag to be there. If it's not then I would ask for it or ask for a bag that hasn't be altered (has the metal logo intact).

    I have heard about people taking them from bags at stores like Marshall's and TJ Maxx (perhaps to hang it on another bag that doesn't have it?). It's sad but I don't know how much those stores care about the integrity of the product; multiple times I've complained about something I'm buying missing a part and they would say "That's why you can buy it at such a low price!". But definitely not all discount stores sell bags without the metal logos, my first MK was from TJ and it came with the hanging logo.
  6. That is funny, all of my MK's have come with hangtags but I remove them while wearing them. I don't know, they make me feel conspicuous?!
  7. lots of bags come with the charm but some of them actually look better without :biggrin: I remove some from different bags
  8. My newest bag that I bought today came with an MK clip keyfob on a chain. I also purchased this same keyfob in the MK boutique to hang off my keys. The rest of my MK purses came with the circle medallion on a piece of leather.