Whats the deal with Neverfulls and their thin straps?? can someone clarify.......

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  1. Hello
    I want to purchase a monogram neverfull mm for spring and summer, I think its a very light, pretty summery looking bag for toting around everyday things and traveling. Just wondering why everyone is complaining about the thin straps, do they dig in shoulders? are they really that uncomfortable? How much can you hold with out it becoming uncomfortable? whats the deal, please share your thoughts.
    thank you! :smile:
  2. i saw a u-tube vid and this girl who claims to an lv officionado said that the straps kinda dig in when it's overloaded...not a fan of nf...but the palermo is tdf!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. whats the definition of overloaded?? hmmmmm
  4. ^^^^^^^^ i guess she means when u put 2 much in...i know some of us girls tend to add more junk if we have the room...lol
  5. Hi! i have a NF MM and I Love SO MUCH! Im in college so I carry about 2 textbooks and 1 binder EVERY SINGLE DAY and I find the straps very comfortable. I haven't stopped using it ever since I got it! It's a great spring summer bag! you wont regret it.

    Oh! btw, I never drive to class, I always walk. =) very very comfy.
  6. I find the straps very comfortable... they don't slip off my shoulder like a lot of bags do. I prefer the look of thinner straps over the thicker ones. I think those who are using this bag is toting around laptops and textbooks for school, which probably isn't as comfortable as a bag with thicker straps. Will you be using it for school at all?
  7. Nope I wont be using it for school, just basic stuff, wallet , phone, agenda, bottle of water and little things. Althou I want to be able to use it when I go to Europe in the summer to tote stuff around too! :smile:
  8. Never had any problems with the straps. They have never hurt me from carrying to much junk. I have even carried my dog in there a few times. No problems
  9. I LVvvvvvvoe my GM NF! :yahoo:

    I find the straps to be wonderful and they don't dig into my shoulders. It's one of those fantastic bags that the straps stay on my shoulders. It's such a light bag I can carry it for days/weeks and my shoulders feel great.

    Initially, when I first saw it, I thought the straps were too thin and the shoulder drop to be not wide enough for me to fit over my heavy winter. Now I think it fits perfectly and snugly underneath and protects my belongings especially on rainy days.

    I have nothing negative to say about my NF. It was my first LV purchase too and I modified it to such a way that it looks great all the time with no sagging and it keeps a nice triangular shape all the time.
  10. I love my PM, but I did have an issue with the straps digging my shoulder blade. However, it might just be me, because my back is very sensitive. I get pain from just sitting in a chair with a hard back.
  11. I've never had any issues with my straps. I love them! Sometimes the thicker straps fall off my shoulder, and my NF never does that. It's a great bag for everyday.
  12. Please do a search as there are existing threads on this topic that you can read and post in. Good luck!
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