What's the deal with "My Flat in London" bags?


Which one do you like from this brand?

  1. The first one with the cute pink things

  2. The second quilted one without the pink rhinestones

  3. They're both hideous

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  1. I was browsing the costco website for good deals on MJ bags and came across My Flat in London bags

    I've never heard of this brand outside of seeing a few of their things at Nordstrom (I didn't give it a second look then) but I found this cute little thing at costco and i kinda like it

    Now it's probably overly cutsey to most people, but I'm curious to see what you guys think

    My question is, what do you guys know about this brand?

    Costco has this listed at about $200 which I think is a bit overpriced for a fun, cutsey bag like this...has anyone seen it for cheaper?


    AND THEN, i found this one, which i find to be quite cute as well


    now i can't make up my mind which one i like better, and if I should get either one...so I'm reaching out for help....
  2. does anyone know anything about this brand....?
  3. I've seen MFL bags in Lucky magazine. Most are similarly "cute" and feminine, like the ones above. (I think they're adorable! :flowers:) At retail, they average about the same as a Dooney - typically $200-300 dollars.
  4. Never heard of the brand and I'm always in Costco & on their site. The bags are cute, but I doubt I would spend that much money on one.:shrugs:
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  6. I've seen MFIL at Macy's or Bloomingdale's a long time ago. I've seen knock offs at flea markets. I like the first one but it would look better without the crystal's. Their more popular bags are the one's with the Queen Bee on it.

    They also have clothing. The shirts are really cute.
  7. OMG! There is a little boutique in my humble little canadian city (NOOOOO selection) that is upper scale (at least they try to be) than your average canadian store and they sell MFIL bags/clothing/access. along with Nanette Lepore and other such designers. I wonder what they would think if they knew MFIL items sell at COSTCO in the States...wow!:roflmfao:
  8. WAY overpriced.
  9. I have seen one in Nordstrom before, last year I think.
    I remembered it was cute..pink and has a silouette of a westie dog on the bag.
    But too cute for me...maybe good for younger people hahaha
  10. i think it depends on your age :smile: these fall along the lines of juicy couture for me....i'm too old for them (almost 30...gah!), but i would have loved them 5 years ago :smile:

    i guess i don't think they have much staying power...but then, they're not horridly expensive, in the grand scheme of things...so if you don't mind spending $$ on trendy bags, and you love them, go for it!

  11. just to clarify, costco here also has been known to sell burberry, coach, ferragamo, and marc jacobs ...go to Costco.com to see :smile:

    i've never seen them in the stores because I've only been to costco in person once, but see them on their website quite often
  12. i think the quilted one is nicer, but both are overpriced.

  13. i'm 23 now, so i'll probably consider myself too old for these bags is 3-5 years, but for now i'd consider wearing one, but i think $200 for one is overpriced, i'd rather contribute that $ to my LV/MJ fund :smile:
  14. I really like these bags. I have a small tote-style one with the Eifel Tower on it. I like to use it for weddings and such.
  15. I have a friend with one. It has a little dog on the side. Since I'm a sucker for anything with a dog on it I wanted one but never got around to getting it. Her (now ex) husband got it for her so I have no idea where it came from.